Memory lane

We have been encouraging my father to collect old pictures and put captions on them to preserve our family memories. We want to share them with our kids and grandkids. What about you?

Well before you dig out your old yearbook and start telling “in the good old days” stories about yourself, change your course.  Get out videos and photos of your children when they were little.  Make it an event.  Pop some popcorn, gather everyone together and go back in time.  Pass around photos, watch those videos, and talk about the cute and special things your kids did when they were small.  If you can, focus on one child at a time and have a special viewing night for each.


Plan now to make some memories

Dr. Frederic J. Baur was very pleased that he had designed the container used presently by Pringles potato chips. An inventor of many things, Baur was proudest of this one, and held the patent on it. So he asked his family to bury him in one, which they did. Part of his cremated remains was put in a Pringles can, and the rest of him in a regular urn.

Many of us, when we die, may not have such an unusual funeral, but whether we’re buried in a casket or a can, it’s what we did with our lives that will truly be the greatest memorial.  And one of the indicators of a great life is the cherished memories of you held by your spouse and kids. So, if you are reading this post, your heart is still pumping and your brain is still generating waves. That means you still have time to make great memories.  Plan something meaningful with your family this weekend.