What does modesty mean?  That is a good question to ask your sons and daughters.  It is especially good to address this if you have a pre-teen daughter.  “All the girls at school are wearing these, why can’t I?”… “It’s my body; shouldn’t I decide what to put on it?”  These questions reflect the timeless struggle between teen girls and their parents over the issue of modesty. This issue is more critical than ever in today’s society, where pre-teens are encouraged by the media and peers to act and dress years older than they actually are. Everywhere you look, young girls – whether in real life, on television, or in advertisements – are dressed in ways that emphasize their sexuality and, to be blunt, degrade the value of female character.  This makes for a good conversation and you might be surprised on how much your daughters agree with you.  They just need to hear it.


Letting your daughter out in that dress

As a parent, it’s easy to lose sleep over whether your girl’s shorts are too short or her shirt is too tight. But where do you draw the line? Her character should be the object of interest, not her clothing. People should remember her by a great sense of humor, a radiant smile and intelligent conversation.

Let the most attractive features of your daughter shine from her heart, not her outward appearance. Communicating that is hard, but worth the time and effort.