Helping your child find the right spouse

There are lots of qualities that matter: character, integrity, stability. But here’s something else to consider and teach your children: look for someone who encourages you and has a positive outlook. It’s hard to have a happy marriage when your partner constantly criticizes you or makes you feel inadequate. Your spouse should be trying to build you up, not tear you down. And, it’s easier to have a happy marriage when you’re with someone who finds hope in situations instead of always seeing the glass half empty. So, look for someone who has a positive attitude about working through the tough spots in your relationship.


Important dates

Consider this testimonial from a dad: “I just wanted to share an awesome experience I had with my daughter this week.  My girl asked me to go to her school and have lunch with her.  I let a few weeks go by and I took a day off from work to surprise her.  Let me tell you I have never seen my daughter happier.  She was not expecting me, but when she saw me, her face lit up and she could not stop kissing me and hugging me.  We sat outside of the cafeteria and had a lunch on a picnic table.  After lunch, I went with her and her classmates to recess.  Her classmates were also thrilled that I was there.  When it was time for me to leave, my daughter got teary-eyed along with her two other friends.  Once she got home from school, she could not stop talking about me meeting her for lunch.  It was an unbelievable experience and one that I am sure neither of us will ever forget.”

What a great idea!  Put a lunch date with your VIP’s on your calendar. 

Go ahead and compliment your kids

When someone gives you an unexpected compliment, it can make your day.  So, why not do the same for your kids?  Observe the little things they do every day and let them know they’re appreciated.  For example, compliment your child’s character.  In today’s world, they need all the encouragement they can get.  Point out their integrity, dependability, or loyalty.  Second, let your child know you’re happy to have them as part of the family.  Take a moment to say you’re glad to be their mom or dad.  Third, compliment their contributions to the family… things like mowing the lawn or helping with dinner. 

Overcoming the tedious

Do you ever feel you are beating your head against a brick wall in your parenting?  If you hit the wall long enough and hard enough, maybe it will fall before you can’t hit it any more.  When that happens it is time to look at your plan and compare it to God’s plan for you and your family.  It’s really a very smart idea to look at God’s plan before your implement your own; so much pain can be eliminated (Jeremiah 29:11).  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” If you need resources on developing a plan for your family, go to: 

Do you need a parenting promotion?

We all want to get promoted in our jobs. And, if you have kids, your most important job is being a parent. Here are three things you can do to get promoted in your most important job. First, be honest. Honesty always wins. You should be honest with your child at all times, even when it’s painful. Second, be reliable and keep your word. When you commit to doing something with your child, put it on your calendar. Never cancel or reschedule unless it’s absolutely necessary. Third, be loyal. Loyalty means that you walk with your child through the good times and the tough times.  Never give up on your child… no matter what.

Is Facebook a good thing?

Someone described Facebook as the “best of” a life – a highlight reel.  And, while it’s great to share life’s successes, it is also important to stay grounded in reality.  So, how can you keep from experiencing negative Facebook emotions?  First, don’t believe the hype.  Life is not just the good times, but the tough times as well – and everyone has them whether they reveal them or not.  Second, share in others’ joy.  While your life may not be so rosy right now, you’ll want the well-wishes when it’s your turn.  Third, take a step back.  If Facebook is affecting how you feel about yourself, it’s time to take a break.

Being a successful parent

People define success many ways.  One version goes like this:

At age  4, success is…  not wetting your pants.
At age 12, success is… having friends.
At age 17, success is… having a driver’s license.
At age 35, success is… having a good career.
At age 60, success is… getting out of your career.
At age 70, success is… having a driver’s license.
At age 80, success is… having friends.
At age 90, success is… not wetting your pants.

Perhaps a better definition of success, at least for parents, is passion for their duty and the ability to love unconditionally. Possession of those two traits is the common denominator in all successful parents.