Sacrifices worth making

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering.”  So true.  And this principle is most clear for good parents.  Good parenting is synonymous with sacrificing.  A parent gives up a certain amount of temporary happiness for his/her’s  family’s future joy.  These “sacrifices” include privacy, excessive TV watching, and, sometimes, a cool car.   When you make these choices, you set yourself and your kids up for unparalleled happiness down the road.


How does birth order affect kids?

You might be the youngest child . .  or the oldest . . . or maybe you’re right in the middle. And, what about your children? Your oldest child may be a natural-born leader.  Your middle child might be a good negotiator.  And, yes, your “baby” is likely the entertainer of the family.  You may even have a very mature “only” child at home.  And, even though you can’t change the birth order of your kids, it’s still good to know the ways birth order affects your children.  Knowing your kids’ birth order can also help you adjust your parenting tactics.

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Do you tell your child that “everyone is a winner”?

Parents often tell their children: “Everyone’s a winner.”  As much as society may try to tell our children otherwise, the truth is that everybody is not a winner.  Sure, everyone likes to win the game or get a trophy, but your kids need to know playing has value even when you don’t win.  Defeat can motivate you to do better the next time.  When everybody wins, nobody wins.

Dating your daughter

Dads – if you want to do something really special for your daughter, take her on a date!  It will be a great way to show her you love her and give her an idea of how she should be treated once those dreaded teenage boys start showing up at your door.  Dates do not have to be expensive – it is actually better if they aren’t, but they should allow you to spend time with your daughter and express to her how much you value and love her.

A wonderful life

One of the greatest Christmas movies of all time, It’s a Wonderful Life, highlights the life of an ordinary man, George Bailey, and paints of picture of what things would be like if he had never existed.  It completely changed his perspective.  If you’re a little down during this Christmas season, realize how much you mean to your wife, your children, your other family and friends and how much worse off they would be if you were not in the picture.  Your presence is truly their best present this Christmas.

The miracle that you are

Think your life does not have much meaning?  Think again.  You are a walking, talking miracle.  You and your children are fantastic, wonderful, miraculous creations.  Remember that every time you interact.  It will exponentially elevate your opinion on what it means to be their father or their mother.