Does your child want to quit sports?

It might be OK.  Many children want to quit playing because they’re simply not interested anymore. The main reason kids play sports is to have fun and be with their friends.  Winning isn’t as big a priority for them.  Parents should support them, encourage personal growth, and not unrealistically compare them to professional athletes when they do play.  And when they decide to hang up their cleats and go do something else, it might be best, but only under the right circumstances.


Healthy boundaries

Imagine…no rules, no boundaries on the basketball court.  Players can run wherever they want…and there’s never a foul.  Well, you get the picture…it would be pure chaos.  You can’t have a game without boundaries, and you can’t have a sane home without creating safe boundaries. And those boundaries for your children must be decided by you in advance and shared with your children in advance.  The older your kids get, the more input they should have on how those lines are drawn.  Then, the boundaries must be consistently enforced by you, and backed up by consequences that match the offense.

Too much TV time?

Recently, there was a fellow in Oregon who purchased a new television.  He was in for a big surprise. This particular TV inadvertently emitted the International Distress Signal and he soon had law enforcement banging at his front door.

As amusing as this story is, as a parent, you probably wish your television would emit signals whenever something came on that could harm your children.  Brief TV ratings getting flashed during a program is not enough.  You need more.

Here are a few suggestions.  If your child has a TV in their room, consider taking it out.  Initially, you’ll get some blow back from them, but it’s for their good.  And your job as a parent is to protect them.  Also, set a schedule and only allow your kids to watch certain, pre-approved programs at certain times in the family room.  You may even want to record the shows so your children can fast-forward through the commercials (which can be objectionable as well).  And finally, whatever TV time you decide is best for your family, try to have everyone watch shows together.  You’ll personally be able to monitor programs and use them as object lessons and teachable moments.

The miracle that you are

Think your life does not have much meaning?  Think again.  You are a walking, talking miracle.  You and your children are fantastic, wonderful, miraculous creations.  Remember that every time you interact.  It will exponentially elevate your opinion on what it means to be their father or their mother.

Learning from mistakes

Donald Trump is known for a lot of things. Making (and losing) riches is one of them.  One of Trump’s truisms is, “The second developer in is usually the one who makes the money.”  By this, he means the first developer made the mistake of purchasing a property, pulling permits, and laying pipe only to realize his cash flow projections were off.  So he sells for pennies on the dollar.  And moguls like Trump swoop in.

Mistakes are costly, in finance and in life.  But a willingness to seek counsel can help you minimize them. Teach your kids who to seek counsel from and encourage them to ask often.

What others think

You know, intellectually, that you cannot manage how others view you. You know that there will be those who don’t like you and will gossip about you. In fact, it has been said that twenty-five percent of your circle of acquaintances and friends will not like you, and there is nothing you can do to change their opinions. Since we cannot fully manage other’s view of us, let it go. Scripture tells us to please God, not man. Begin today to focus on how God sees you, seeking His approval and not the approval of man. 

This applies to our kids too…

Encouraging purity

A parent made the following comment:

“Because of an article on the purity ring idea, my husband followed through on your suggestion to give one to our 16-year-old daughter. Wow, what an impact! He and I discussed what he would say for a few weeks, letting the ideas sink in and gel. Then on our date night, we picked out the ring together. The next night was their date night, and after the meal at the restaurant, he told her that he was making the promise to be the best dad to her and the best husband to her mother (me).

He then told her that the promise he wanted from her was to save herself for her soul mate husband. As a symbol of that promise (and then he pulled out the boxed ring), he wanted her to wear this until her mate replaced it. She was blown away. She told me later that she was telling herself to not cry – she was that moved. I told her that every time she looked at the ring, to think of her husband and to say a prayer for him – that he was out there.  Thank you so much for the suggestion. It was made at the perfect time, God’s time, in our lives.”

A purity ring can be a great way for you to open up the discussion of pre-marital sex, and it works just as well for boys as girls.